How Swift Exchange works for reward providers

Redemption instills loyalty.

The purpose of your loyalty program was to attract & retain customers, right? To reward them for their loyalty. But think about it, are you giving them rewards they can really use?

Enhance the value & utility of your program.

  • Members who don't have enough points or miles to redeem can now be extended new-found freedom to redeem sooner and more frequently. Smart marketers understand that redemption creates customer satisfaction. Satisfaction stimulates adoption and spend. Spend generates incremental revenue which contributes to bottom line profitability. What's not to love?

  • The Swift payment widget can be implemented on any merchant website. Consumers can use your currency, combine it with others (if you permit), or top off a purchase with a credit card if desired.

  • Swift has developed a versatile mobile app which you can distribute to your customers or a payment module you can embed in your own app that enables them to utilize your reward currency at point & mile accepting merchants across the country. All they do is open your app and enter a password. Swift deducts rewards from their account and handles all processing and settlement.

  • Participate on your own terms. Using Swift's reward provider Control Center you set the value of your rewards and set rules on how they can be used. You decide whether your currency can only be used on its own or combined with those of select partners. Swift puts you in the driver's seat. It helps improve the operational efficiency of your program while simultaneously allowing you to control cash outflows and reduce program operating costs.

Swift Exchange can make these numbers work for you.

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