Tap into billions of dollars in spending power.

The average consumer earns reward currency almost every time they take a flight, stay at a hotel, or use a credit card. If they could spend the value of those rewards with you, do you think it could increase your sales?

You can accept rewards just as easy as cash & credit.

  • Declining sales got you down? Having a tough time competing with the company down the street? You're not alone. Business is tough. Consumers don't have as much money to spend. What if you could attract incremental sales by providing consumers with a way to stretch their spending power?

  • The average household belongs to over 20 reward programs. And the loyalty industry as a whole awards them with $48B in spending power each and every year, in the U.S. alone. But using those rewards is often tough, and many go unused. What if you could tap this veritable pot of gold to drive incremental revenue?

  • Accepting points and miles is easy. On your e-commerce site, it's as easy as embedding a payment widget into your checkout process. Or at the point of sale, customers generate a bar code on their mobile phone. With a simple scan (or entry of a code), the payment is processed over existing transaction rails and Swift settles up with you in cash. It's just that easy.

Swift Exchange can make these numbers work for you.

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