See how Swift works for consumers.

Finally. Get the reward you deserve!

Imagine a world where using points and miles is easy.  Where you can spend rewards before they expire and where redemption offers unlimited possibilities.

Loyalty for the digital age has finally arrived!

  • Your reward wallet provides you an aggregated view of your reward program "net worth" across all the programs you participate in, so that you know exactly how much you have to spend!

  • Whether you're shopping on the web or checking out at a store, Swift provides a great new way to pay! Conserve your cash and put your hard-earned points to work for you, whenever and wherever you like. Don't have enough points in a single program? No problem. Combine points from one program with another. Or pay partially with points and partially with credit card. The choice is yours.

  • Now you can take your points and miles with you wherever you go. Buying that cup of coffee or checking out at the grocery store has never been easier. A payment app on your mobile phone, powered by Swift Exchange, let's you pay for good and services right at the point of sale. It's fast, easy, convenient and safe.

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