At the intersection of loyalty and digital commerce.

You'll find Swift at the intersection of loyalty and commerce.

  • Swift creates a reward wallet for everyone utilizing technology that is fast, easy, and secure. Consumers can access all their reward balances in one place and see their equivalent dollar value. And they can then spend those rewards just as easily as cash. Consumers can use rewards from a single program, combine rewards from multiple programs or pay with a combination of rewards and credit card.

  • Swift is built into the checkout page of e-commerce sites, enabling consumers to pay with their rewards just as easily as other payment methods like credit cards. In cases where the use of multiple reward currencies is allowed, Swift payment sliders enable customers to determine how many rewards they use from any particular program and if desired, assign any balance to a credit card.

  • Whether it's through Swift's own mobile app or a reward provider/merchant's app with embedded Swift technology, consumers may use their mobile phones to pay for goods and services wherever they shop, and whenever they want.

  • By making a single connection to Swift Exchange, reward providers can now enable their members to instantaneously transfer rewards from their program into that of one of their partners. This reduces cost associated with integrations and provides instant gratification to their most valuable customers.

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