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At Swift Exchange we take a totally transparent approach to our business and we're happy to share our thought leadership openly.

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    The Solution for Marketers to Thrive in an Open Loyalty Economy Richard Postrel, Founder & CEO, Swift Exchange

    The open exchange of rewards currencies across a network of programs is the next logical step in the industry's evolution.

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    An Open Economy: The Evolution of Loyalty in the U.S. Swift Exchange and COLLOQUY

    Our new white paper explores the loyalty industry's evolution to an open economy.

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    Swift Exchange’s April 2012 LoyaltyPulse Survey

    This is a “Wake-Up Call” for the Transformation of the Loyalty Industry

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    USA Today Loyalty Supplement

    Recently USA Today had this great supplement about today’s loyalty programs. Check it out.

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    Buried Treasure Swift Exchange & Colloquy

    The 2011 Forecast of U.S. Consumer Loyalty Program Points Value.

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